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Telemetry also works only with the following type of devices:

  • Enapter Electrolyser
  • Enapter Dryer
  • Enapter AI-4
  • Enapter RL-6

To send command to the device, you should publish message to topic commands/v1/<UCM_ID>/requests. To see execution result you should be subscribed to another topic. commands/v1/<UCM_ID>/responses. Every execution have a unique id to identify request-response pair.

For example, we want to enable load on channel r5. We can do it via cloud ui, but now we try to do it via MQTT API.

At first, subscribe to command responses:

mosquitto_sub -v -p 9883 -h <GATEWAY_IP_ADDRESS> -u public -P public -t "commands/v1/<UCM_ID>/responses"

In another terminal send command:

mosquitto_pub -p 9883 -h <GATEWAY_IP_ADDRESS> -u public -P public -t "commands/v1/<UCM_ID>/requests" -m '{"id":"<EXECUTION_ID>", "name":"enable_load", "arguments": {"load":"r5"}}'

In the terminal with responses subscription, you should see, that command executed successfully:

commands/v1/<UCM_ID>/responses {"id":"<EXECUTION_ID>","state":"completed","payload":{"message":null}}

Also you can check telemetry on Dashboard or via MQTT API to see, that r5 changed from false to true.

Hardware diversity is welcome. Integrate any device into a unified energy network.
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