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Assets API

Assets API provides HTTP API for the end user to read device info.

List Your Devices

GET /assets/v1/devices

Get the list of devices the user has access to.


Sample request via cURL
$ curl http://enapter-gateway.local/api/assets/v1/devices -X GET -G \
-H 'X-Enapter-Auth-Token: {ACCESS_TOKEN}' \
-d 'page_token=RW5hcHRlcg==' \
-d 'page_size=10' \
-d 'expand=manifest,properties,connectivity' \
-d 'filter[type_in]=endpoint,ucm'

Path Parameters


Token for the results page. The next page's token can be obtained from the next_page_token field. If the token is empty, the first page will be returned.


Maximum number of results per response page. If omitted, the number of results is choosen by the server.

expandarray of strings#

Comma-separated list of additional device information to display. By default, no additional fields are included.

Supported values:

  • manifest — to include device blueprint manifest.
  • properties — to include the last received device properties.
  • connectivity — to include current device connection status.

A filter expression that filters resources listed in the response. A filter is an object whose keys are a combination of a field name and a predicate separated by underscore (e.g. type_in), and whose values are predicate arguments.

Currently only filter for the field type using in predicate is available (argument is comma-separated array of strings).


Sample response (200 OK)
"devices": [
"device_id": "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000",
"type": "endpoint",
"updated_at": "2022-01-01T20:22:00Z",
"properties": {
"serial_number": "1XXXX",
"model": "AnySen M12"
"connectivity": {
"online": true
"manifest": {...}
"next_page_token": "TmV4dCBQYWdlIFRva2Vu"

Array of Device objects.


Device ID.


Device type. One of: endpoint (i.e. your connected device), ucm (i.e. one of Enapter UCMs), gateway (i.e. Enapter Gateway).


The latest update time of the device in RFC 3339 format.


The latest device properties. This is an object whose keys and values are properties' names and values respectively. Set only if properties are requested via expand parameter.


Current device connection status, instance of Connectivity object. Set only if connection status is requested via expand parameter.


true if device is online, false otherwise.


Device blueprint manifest. Set only if manifest is requested via expand parameter.

errorsarray of errors#

Array of errors. See common error format for more details.


Token of the next page. If token is null, there are no more pages.

Hardware diversity is welcome. Integrate any device into a unified energy network.
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