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timestampMessage publishing timestamp
statusElectrolyser status string one of maintenance, expert, error, fatal, idle, steady, standby, curve, blowdown
is_runningIndicates whether device is running boolean
has_errorsIndicates whether any device errors boolean
has_warningsIndicates whether any device warnings boolean
errorsList of electrolyser errors
warningsList of electrolyser warnings
electrolyte_level_very_highIndicates whether electrolyte level is higher than very high level
electrolyte_level_highIndicates whether electrolyte level is higher than high level
electrolyte_level_mediumIndicates whether electrolyte level is higher than medium level
electrolyte_level_lowIndicates whether electrolyte level is higher than low level
h2_flowH2 Production in Normal Litre/hour
h2_totalTotal H2 Produced in Normal Litre
stack_pressureH2 Stack Pressure in Bar
stack_voltageH2 Stack Voltage in Volt
stack_amperageH2 Stack Amperage in Ampere
outlet_pressureH2 Outlet Pressure in Bar
water_inlet_pressureWater Inlet Pressure in Bar
electrolyte_tank_temperatureElectrolyte Tank Temperature in Celsius
electrolyte_downstream_temperatureDownstream Temperature in Celsius


Command NameDescriptionArguments
startStart electrolyser
stopStop electrolyser
resetReset electrolyser
set_production_rateSet electrolyser production rate (in percents)value (float)
set_waterfillForce electrolyser to perform water refill operationvalue (boolean) (should be set to true)
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