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What You Will Need

Below you'll find all the things you'll need to complete the tutorial. In general, it's UCM, a mobile phone, some Wi-Fi connectivity, a text editor, and one of the blueprint uploading tools described below.


  • One of Enapter UCM models with Lua support: ENP-RS232, ENP-RS485, ENP-CAN, ENP-RL6, ENP-AI4, ENP-AO4, ENP-DI7.
  • External power supply for the UCM. Ranged from 9V DC to 24V or 60V DC, depending on the UCM model. Check the requirements and connection scheme on the module's handbook page.
  • Mobile phone with Enapter mobile application installed. It's available on Google Play and Apple AppStore.
  • Wi-Fi network on 2.4GHz. Note that only WEP, WPA, WPA2 Personal (pre-shared key) supported. Check network requirements if you have a firewall in your network.

Working With Blueprint Files

Two options exist for editing and uploading Enapter Blueprints:

  • Enapter Web IDE (Integrated Development Environment),
  • Or your favorite text editor plus Enapter CLI (Command Line Interface).

Read on to have some idea about both tools and just choose the one you like most.


Enapter Web IDE

Web IDE is a convenient quick start tool, especially for beginners. It has built-in support for blueprint files syntax checking, UCM logs access, and the ability to upload the blueprint with a one-button interface.

You will need to have Enapter UCM to get access to the IDE. Please contact us over to obtain one. Once obtained, you can use the IDE in Enapter Cloud.

Command Line Interface

Enapter CLI

You would usually pick CLI for the convenience of editing blueprint files locally in any text editor or your favorite IDE. Also for checking the files into a version control system, and maybe sharing it with an open source community.

Enapter CLI is an open source tool and freely available on Github: You could build it yourself or download a pre-built binary for your operating system.

If you'd prefer CLI you will need:

  • Enapter CLI binary for your operating system. You will use it to upload your blueprint to Enapter Cloud and UCM.
  • Enapter API key. Please contact us over to obtain one.
  • Source code editor of your choice for editing blueprint files. If you do not have one, our recommendation is Microsoft VSCode, which is freely available on all platforms.

Endpoint Device

We designed this tutorial to work with any Lua-powered UCM mentioned above, that's why we do not require a connection to a physical device. Sample device data will be simulated by a UCM script instead.

Hardware diversity is welcome. Integrate any device into a unified energy network.
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