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Enapter provides several types of hardware UCMs (universal communication modules) to connect your devices into the Cloud. They can be classified by physical implementations. Hardware UCMs are mounted on a DIN rail and communicate with endpoint devices via CAN, Modbus RTU and other protocols by wire. Software UCMs are fully implemented as a code. They can be run on the Enapter Gateway or any another computer and communicate with endpoint devices via network protocols like HTTP or Modbus TCP.

This tutorial is about Software UCMs. They can be either Virtual or Standalone. Virtual UCM runs on the Enapter Gateway, Standalone UCM — on any computer. This tutorial covers both cases.

We start with Standalone UCM, because it doesn't require any specific hardware. Then you can try to play with Virtual UCM if you have an Enapter Gateway.

Hardware diversity is welcome. Integrate any device into a unified energy network.
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