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Splitting Lua Script into Multiple Files

To split example ucm.lua file into several files and use it in the blueprint follow the steps below.

Create Lua Directory

  • Create a new directory named src. You can use another name if you wish.
  • Put into this directory two files main.lua and command.lua.
Lua scrtip entry point

When you are using multiple files you should have main.lua file as an entrypoint of your script.

-- Load module command from command.lua file
command = require("command")

-- Obtain device properties and send it to Enapter Cloud
function send_properties()
-- We could have called Modbus API here, but use
-- constant value for the example simplicity
serial_number = "AC001215"

-- Obtain device telemetry attributes and send it to Enapter Cloud
function send_telemetry()
-- Again, we use constant value for simplicity
h2_concentration = 0.01,
-- Pass active_alerts into telemetry
alerts = command.active_alerts

-- Register periodic function, will send properties every 30 seconds
scheduler.add(30000, send_properties)

-- Register periodic function, will send telemetry every 1 second
scheduler.add(1000, send_telemetry)

-- Register "beep" and "silence" commands, the function passed as a second argument
-- will be executed every time user starts the command from UI
enapter.register_command_handler("beep", command.beep)
enapter.register_command_handler("silence", command.silence)

Update Manifest File

Update communication_modules section in manifest.yml. Replace lua_file section with lua to set Lua directory:

product: ENP-RS485
dir: src

To learn more about lua section see the reference.

Upload Blueprint

Now you can upload the blueprint.

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