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This page aims to assist you in fixing some of the common problems that you may encounter while writing complex Lua scripts.

Running a script causes the module not found error

This error most likely means that amalgamation have failed to detect some required Lua modules.

Make sure you have followed the guidelines and correctly specified all the dependencies. Try turning on the isolate mode in your manifest.yaml to disable smart dependency resolver.

UCM cannot complete downloading a script

Sometimes the handling of the upload_lua_script command hangs in the progress state with a message like this { "code": "downloading", "completeness": "91%" }. This might be caused by the UCM being out of memory. The reason is that Lua scripts are by default amalgamated with debug information included. This simplifies analysis of execution errors, but does not come for free in terms of resource consumption.

Try turning on the nodebug mode in your manifest.yaml to reduce memory usage.

Is your problem not described here?

Feel free to submit an issue with a description of your problem and we will try to help you to fix it.

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