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To enable public MQTT API on the Gateway you need to use Enapter Gateway Command Line Interface (not to be confused with Enapter CLI for devices and blueprints management).

In this tutorial we will use username and password with same values public/public:

[enapter] $ configure
[enapter] conf $ set public-mqtt authentication username "public"
[enapter] conf $ set public-mqtt authentication password "public"
[enapter] conf $ commit
[enapter] conf $ save

The MQTT API is available on port 9883. Also you need to know you gateway IP address.

Now you are ready to check that everything works fine:

mosquitto_pub -r -p 9883 -h <GATEWAY_IP_ADDRESS> -u public -P public -t "variables/v1/set/check_tutorial"  -m '{"value": "i am fine"}'

The output should empty.

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