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Telemetry works only with the following type of devices:

  • Enapter Electrolyser
  • Enapter Dryer
  • Enapter AI-4
  • Enapter RL-6

If you don't have any of this device, don't worry. In this tutorial we will use RL-6 simulator.

Get the simulator source code from here and setup a Standalone UCM as described in the tutorial:

  • Create device in the cloud.
  • Upload blueprint via enapter CLI.
  • Run Standalone UCM via

Find UCM id on the device page and subscribe to its telemetry:

mosquitto_sub -v -p 9883 -h <GATEWAY_IP_ADDRESS> -u public -P public -t "telemetry/v1/<UCM_ID>"

You should see something like that:

telemetry/v1/<UCM_ID> {"timestamp":1664851516,"r1":false,"r2":false,"r3":false,"r4":false,"r5":false,"r6":false}
telemetry/v1/<UCM_ID> {"timestamp":1664851517,"r1":false,"r2":false,"r3":false,"r4":false,"r5":false,"r6":false}
telemetry/v1/<UCM_ID> {"timestamp":1664851518,"r1":false,"r2":false,"r3":false,"r4":false,"r5":false,"r6":false}

Try to execute command via cloud interface:

The subscription outpus should change:

telemetry/v1/<UCM_ID> {"timestamp":1664851975,"r1":false,"r2":false,"r3":false,"r4":true,"r5":false,"r6":false}
telemetry/v1/<UCM_ID> {"timestamp":1664851976,"r1":false,"r2":false,"r3":false,"r4":true,"r5":false,"r6":false}

Please spot, that r4 chagne from false to true.

Hardware diversity is welcome. Integrate any device into a unified energy network.
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