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This is a communication module that implements RS232, RS485, CAN interfaces.

PCB contains three LEDs:

  • Relay state LED: Green LED is turned on when relay is on, turned off otherwise.
  • Cloud connection status LED: Green LED is turned on when connection is established, blinked otherwise.
  • Error LED - Red LED controlled by user. See reference.

Production files

  • Full set of docs zip

Here you can find the guide on how to order from JLCPCB.


ESP32 DevKit should be mounted on a PCB as shown below:


USB port is located near Status LED.

Electric Connections

All electric connections must be done by an authorized electrical engineer in compliance with the local regulations for electrical installations.


ENP-KIT-232-485-CAN uses the same API as other communication modules:

Hardware diversity is welcome. Integrate any device into a unified energy network.
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