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Ordering on JLCPCB

All UCM Kits PCB can be easily ordered on JLCPCB.

Download production files

Select the desired UCM Kit PCB and find source files in our open source hardware library. Fill set of packed in zip files in corresponding folders.

Upload gerber file

Open JLCPCB ordering form. Click on Add gerber file and select the downloaded zip file.

JLCPCB initial screen

You can leave all the options set to default values.

Enable "PCB Assembly".

JLCPCB assembly

Here you can also leave default options.

Click "Next"

Upload BOM and CPL

On this step, select the downloaded BOM and CPL files. And select "Usage description". Any option from "Research\Education\DIY\Entertainment" will be the correct choice.

JLCPCB final

That's all. You can proceed to checkout.

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